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Day 1
Exhibition Booths of NCCU Partners & World Drinks (photos)

Day 2
Exchange Program Experiences

Day 3
Exchange Program (University-Level) & Scholarship (photos)

Day 4
Short-Term Study Programs & Notices (photos)

A Welcome Letter from Dean to Students

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A Welcome Letter to Students

Join Us for NCCU Study Abroad Fair 2017!

To promote student exchange program and study abroad, the Office of Int'l Cooperation (OIC) holds a study abroad fair during noon time from October 30th (Monday) to December 2nd (Thursday). The highlights of the fair will be exhibition booths of NCCU partners, world drinks tasting, exchange program experiences, exchange program, scholarship, short-term study programs, etc. At the study abroad fair, you can obtain information regarding application procedures for exchange program (university-level), scholarship, and so on. In addition, it is a great opportunity to inquire about studying abroad to the representives or exchange students from partner universities.