It Is Hotter in the Rain

Student Ambassador and the Office of International Cooperation held "NCCU Olympic" on Nov. 8, encouraging the interaction between foreign and local students through various sport games such as soccer, baseball and dodge ball.

Regarding the weather, it rains a lot in Chengchi University for its special mountain-nearby location and it made no exception on that day. For the reason that playing in the rain might cause a great damage to personal security, the soccer game as the first event of the day was forced to be cancelled. Besides, all the other competitions were held as planned due to the great passion and enthusiasm of the participants.

Local and international students enjoy soccer game.On baseball court, a Korean team fought against the other team composed of local and international students. The former gained the upper hand at the beginning for its outstanding hitting skill and got three points during the first inning. However, the other team did not give up and seized the chance of a passing mistake of the Korean team. In the end, the mix team made a walk-off hit and won the game by four to three.

Playing dodge ball is no strange to both foreign and local students; however, to play it under heavy rain is certainly a brand new experience.

The match of dodge ball was between a team comprised of international students from Chinese Center and a team of local students from Dept. of Political Science. Being confused about the dodge ball rules at first, the Chinese Center team once fell behind with only one person left in the field; however, they fought back by rapid attacks and entered the final.

The Chinese Center Team grabbed the gold medal in the end for their powerful attack and smooth ball-passing skills.

"I will definitely participate in the games next time," said Wang Cai-Wei, a freshman of Dept. of Political Science. "I think it's a perfect chance for us to make friends with international students by sports," she continued.

Admitting that she has been a little bit afraid of foreign students, Zhao Jun-Man, a participant of dodge ball game, said that she now feels closer to them. "It's me who hit the strongest man out!" she said proudly.

Expecting there will be more sports next time, all students thought that these activities warmed up their bodies and strengthened relationships between local and foreign students. They are now sincerely looking forward to having a deep and constant interaction by doing sports -the world common culture.

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/Chih-Ting Hou    Photo/Student Ambassador