Study Abroad Fair

Have you ever wanted to study abroad but couldn't find sufficient information about schools that you want to attend? Understanding the importance of high quality education in the global era, the Office of International Cooperation (OIC) hosted the "Study Abroad Fair" on Friday, 31 Oct. to help students obtain useful information and make their study abroad dreams come true.

The one-day long event offered students a comprehensive introduction to all the NCCU exchange programs. Moreover, the NCCU students who have participated in the exchange programs shared what they have learned abroad, and foreign students from Leiden University, Kyung Hee University, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and University of Bremen gave presentations on their home universities. Furthermore, several Informative Workshops were also held to explain school's financial assistance and application procedure for studying abroad. This was therefore a great opportunity for prospective students to understand the exchange programs between NCCU and its partner schools around the world.

Representatives from Växjö University, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Sciences Po were invited to join the event in order to give students a deeper understanding of their schools. "QUT provides students with a very different experience from NCCU, we hope all the students can gain academic knowledge as well as broaden their global view by studying and traveling in different countries" said QUT representative Stephen Stuart.

OIC invited Lee Yi-Ying who majors in diplomacy to share her oversea volunteer work experience in Thailand. In this age of globalization, OIC encourages all students to have all kinds of international experiences, including oversea internship or voluntary work abroad.

Joyce Jen, Secretary of OIC, said that NCCU has provided plenty of international exchange resources for students; the fair was an excellent occasion for students to acquire the most needed information. "From the educational perspective, the importance of studying abroad is about providing opportunities for students to learn knowledge, to appreciate cultures, to build one's global perspective, to take their roles as responsible world citizens, and most importantly, to make them more competitive in an increasingly globalized community."

NCCU currently has academic cooperation with nearly 100 foreign outstanding universities worldwide, and offers lots of incoming and outgoing exchange opportunities. Each year NCCU welcomes nearly 100 international students to study its programs and sends almost 300 students to study overseas on exchange basis. The school's international academic network thus helps students cultivate their global vision and at the same offers them great chance to experience different cultures.

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/Yu-Chen Kuo    Photo/Julien Liu