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Origin of NCCU International Summer School (NCCU ISS)

National Chengchi University (NCCU) is one of the top universities in Taiwan. It is also the university with the best reputation in academic fields of humanities, social sciences, and second to none in Cross-Strait and East-Asian studies. As mentioned above, NCCU is the institute of higher learning with the most success in internationalizing its campus and curriculum. Moreover, NCCU is ranked as a 4-Star university from 2012 to 2018 by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) world ranking system.

In tune with NCCU’s vigorous development in internationalization and the initiatives it has made to mold a dynamic learning culture, in 2009 we opened summer school (NCCU ISS). We view July and August as a valuable time for international students to assimilate to the differences between the semester and term systems of Taiwan and abroad. At NCCU ISS, the students can learn Chinese to get a head start and get used to living on NCCU campus beforehand. In addition, for promoting linguistic and cultural exchange, this is also a good opportunity for exchange students and degree seeking students to extend their studies in Taiwan.

Currently, NCCU ISS has succeeded in attracting students from dozens of countries, and the number is growing year by year. The summer program consists of Chinese language study as well as English-taught courses framed around topics such as Asia-Pacific politics, economy, and culture, bringing students to see the world from Taiwan's standpoint and its link with the rest of the world. We also arrange various excursions and cultural workshops, so as to encourage students to explore and experience traditional Chinese culture and the distinct multiple facets of Taiwan.

Taiwan is a gateway into Greater China. Being in Taiwan not only makes you get immersed in Chinese language and cultural heritage (such as Confucianism), but also have a close look at global events surrounding the region. Technologically, we have the world's most intensive and concentrated information networks. Geographically, we have beautiful landscapes and richly diverse environments (beaches, mountains, lakes, fields . . . all within a short trip from one another). And, last but not least, people in Taiwan are friendly and hospitable to foreign visitors. So, to join our summer school will let you stand with us astride the boundaries between natural and cultural, the traditional and contemporary boundaries…and most memorable of all, experience first-hand the beauty of Taiwan.