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1. How to apply for refund after registration and payment?

The registration fee is not refundable. The tuition or accommodation fee will be partly refundable depending on the time of cancellation. Please download the "Refund Regulations and Application Form” from the International Summer School's website, and then, submit the completed form before the deadline.

2. Will the credit points of ISS courses transfer to my home university?

At the end of NCCU International Summer School (NCCU ISS), each student will receive a participation certificate as well as a transcript indicating the course title, class hours, and grade* (based on 100-point scale). And the possibility of credit transfer is determined by your home university, not NCCU ISS. You may inquire your home university before your application.

*Attendance, active in-class participation, and assignments or tests are prerequisite for the final grade points.

3. How do I apply for the visa to enter Taiwan ?

When registering online, please be sure to mark whether you need the Letter of Admission or not. In general, it is required to apply for the visitor visa with the Admission Letter issued by NCCU. You can inquire the Taiwan Representative Office or Embassy in your country about the visitor visa application or visa-exempt entry to Taiwan:

*ROC (Taiwan) Embassies

*Visitor Visa Information

*Visa-Exempt Entry

4. How to make a payment after applying online?

After finishing online application, you will receive the First Confirmation E-mail from NCCU ISS. You can purchase a bank check in United States dollar (USD), payable to "National Chengchi University 401" and then, send it to us by a registered mail. Or you can make a bank wire transfer in USD to NCCU's bank account. For more payment method options, please browse the following links:

*Payment by Bank Check (USD)

*Payment by Bank Wire Transfer (USD)

*Payment Method in Taiwan (TWD)

5. Where can I use the computer to connect the Internet?

You are allowed to use the computer with the temporary student ID card at Main Library and Computer Center. Besides, the account and password will be provided by OIC for the access to on-campus wireless network.