Definition of “International students” should fulfill the 3 following conditions:

1. An applicant must have foreign nationality and has never studied in Taiwan before as an Overseas Chinese Student at the time of application.

2. An applicant has never been admitted through admission placement by University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese student in the year of application.

3. An applicant must apply in accordance with “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

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*According to Article 2 of the Nationality Law, a person shall have the R.O.C (Taiwan) nationality under ANY of the conditions provided by the following subparagraphs:
i. His/Her father or mother was a national of the Republic of China when he/she was born. *The situation of mother does not apply to those who were born before February 9 (including the 9th), 1980.
ii. He/She was born after the death of his/her father or mother, and his/her father or mother was a national of the Republic of China at the time of death.
iii. He/She was born in the territory of the Republic of China, and his/her parents can’t be ascertained or both were stateless persons.
iV. He/She has undergone the nationalization process. Preceding subparagraph 1 and subparagraph 2 shall also apply to the persons who were minors at the time of the revision and promulgation of this Act.

** 6 Consecutive Years: prior to Aug. 1, 2021, stay in Taiwan for no more than a total of 120 days per calendar year (i.e. Jan. 1-Dec. 31)

** Exceptions for the Calculation of the Total Length Stay (more than 120 days per calendar year) in Taiwan

The only exceptions to this method of calculation are for those who fulfill ONE of the following requirements with written supported proof:

1.Attended overseas youth training courses organized by the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Council or technique training classes accredited by the Ministry of Education
2.Attended a Mandarin Chinese language center at a university/college of which foreign student recruitment is approved by the Ministry of Education, and to which the total length of stay is less than 2 years;
3.Exchange students, whose length of total exchange is less than 2 years;
4.An Internship in Taiwan which has been approved by an authorized central government agency, to which the total length of stay is less than 2 years.
The eligibility checker is only a guide. The applicant’s actual eligibility must be confirmed in accordance with the “Nationality Act” of R.O.C. and “Regulations regarding International student undertaking studies in Taiwan” by M.O.E.
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