Reaching Internationalization with Small and Simple Steps

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Reaching Internationalization with Small and Simple Steps

文章johnney » 2月 週五 02, 2007 5:13 pm

Everybody may think that they know what internationalization means. Everybody has a somewhat clear understanding of it. But applying it to a specific organization, such as a university, can sometimes be a little difficult. Internationalization is not something that can be done overnight; it is a long-term project that needs continuous support, re-organization and re-evaluation. Internationalization gives the university a higher standing; the students, an even more recognized diploma and a chance to travel. As for the teachers, it will bring more challenges, and very possibly more research funds as well as a greater recognition of their works by the name of the university they represent. It is therefore understandable that any university would want to become international.

At Chengchi University it is clear that there is a good start towards Internationalization; this can be seen by the number of international students and teachers. I have also heard that the IMBA program has just been accredited by the International Education System. This honor will undoubtedly help NCCU achieve the goal of full recognition to all programs. The following are some ideas about how to make Chengchi university not only meet all international standards, but surpass them. I also think the following ideas will attract more students and by doing so the application process can become more selective. Indeed, in order to meet the highest of the standards, the program structures, environments, teachers and research opportunities are not the only thing to focus; in fact, the performance of alumni can be another contributing factor.

First of all, as you have probably noticed, many foreign students that come here think they will be learning Mandarin at the same time they are studying in their academic programs. At the end of the first session, most have not improved well enough or have already quit. The new Chinese program which provides 3 courses a week rather than 5 is a good idea and will surely help many foreigners. But I have a feeling this is not enough. I think we can all agree to say that Chinese is, for many, one of the most difficult languages to learn. When traveling to another country or studying in another country, the language barrier can be more than frustrating. It would be a great idea to try to diminish the chances of frustration among foreign students.

When studying in Canada or some other countries, free language classes (or a fee based on the credit fee) are offered. Students may arrive during the summer time to participate full time in those classes or they can extend their study program up to a year so as to learn the language and culture first before studying in their main field of interest. This design makes their experience even more enjoyable and it is much easier to get around once you actually know the language. I think that Chengchi University could offer a free (or pay the same amount per credit fee) Chinese language class for all new students. To make it fair, Taiwanese Language or Culture could also be offered for those who arrive with a proficient command of Chinese. This would be another way to attract students from all venues, and it would make their stay even more memorable. It would also make Chengchi University stand out from all other universities in Asia. Imagine all your graduate students talking fluently about their stay in Taiwan, both in their native tongue and in the tongue of Taiwan.

What about organizing small trips? Many international students would like to get to know more Taiwanese and to tour around. If NCCU would organize a weekend trip and provide information in both Chinese and English, I am sure many students would want to join. This would be a great way to get all nationalities mingle together. And if organizing trips sounds too complicated, why not have a monthly outing in a restaurant? We can hold it once an international restaurant, once at a Taiwanese / Chinese one. There is no better place to meet and make new friends then over a delicious meal! These activities do not have to be free either so it would not require too big a budget compared to the free Chinese classes.

Furthermore, I have been enjoying all the sport activities available on campus. The facilities are great, from swimming to soccer, rugby and badminton; Chengchi University has so many sports to offer. It took me a few weeks to find out about them though. All relevant information is only offered in Chinese and even the Chinese information is sometimes difficult to figure out. It would be great if Taiwanese and international students could more easily join together in sport teams and activities.
I hope these little ideas are helpful and will thoroughly be looked into. I think all of us, teachers, international students, Taiwanese students and staff would all benefit from an International Chengchi University.

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