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Re: IEE wants to hear you!

文章johnney » 2月 週四 01, 2007 4:44 pm


taking the opportunity to share my impressions about NCCU and answer the questions. I first learned about NCCU when i was looking for a university to study, when i was awarded a scholarship. I was just browsing through the internet and i've found the school's website and the information about the program that i found interesting. What i like aout NCCU (apart from a nicely situated campus) is the fact that the program offers intereting classes. What is more we were able to talk to the faculty about our program, and our ideas were listnened and we achieved some changes that made the program more attractive to us as students. What i don't quite like about the school is the website. Especially when it comes to the courses selection, the lack of an English version and lack of description of courses is a serious disadvantage. This, however is a problem that can be solved and that is what i am counting on!

Best Regards,
Ania Wolska

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