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Re: IEE wants to hear you!

文章johnney » 2月 週四 01, 2007 4:51 pm

1. Why I chose NCCU??

- I heard I was the most "English" friendly university in Taiwan.

2. What I like about NCCU

- nice campus and facilities
- willing to improve "English" enviroment.

3. What I dislike about NCCU

- reality doesn't reach NCCU's advertising,
- no clear strategy for foreign students --> uncertain future of studying
- foreigh student are considered as a trouble and another complication by some professors and stuff
- in overall innsufficient English enviroment, which under normal circumstances would be normal, but in NCCU case it's a bit disappointing, especially after "bombastic promotion" --> even professors (graduated in US) are "ashamed" to communicate in English.

4. Tip for improving servis
(as mentioned obove)
- never promise what you can't fulfill.
- improve communication between International Centre and NCCU's departments.
- make a clear strategy and forget about the thing, that after studying two years of Chinese, foreing students would be able to study normal Chinese taught classes.

it was my pleasure.


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