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Re: IEE wants to hear you!

文章johnney » 2月 週四 01, 2007 4:56 pm

I heard about the program through two sources: a former coworker named Tom, and my other friend Fania. I chose NCCU IMBA because the program is the best one on the island that fits my needs. I am also attracted to the lovely campus.

What I like the most about NCCU... I like the blend of student population, and the classroom and facilities are nice and kept clean.
What I like least about NCCU.... The government education bureaucracy is a pain. I also wish the campus was a bit closer to Taipei city, although the bus routes do serve well. I think a bit more motorcycle/ scooter parking near campus would be good.

It's only the end of my first semester, and I guess my feelings about the University still have a lot of room for development. My initial impression is very good, and I have not heard any complaints from the students who live on campus nor from the students who live off campus but go to the Mandarin Training center there (my roommate is one such student.)

warmest regards, Joe Zagorski

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