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Re: IEE wants to hear you!

文章johnney » 2月 週四 01, 2007 4:44 pm


I am an student of IMBA 2006 batch. Let me tell you about my association with NCCU.

Actually I have been here for around two year working for a leading Smartphone and PDA manufacturer in Wireless department.(company is High Tech Computers, world leaders in PDAs and smartphone.)

I liked my work but also I wanted to enhance my professional skills along with my technicnal skills , so I was looking for universities in Taipei who can offer me part time MBA along with my job and that too in English. I thought it was a tough ask because most of the courses in Taiwan are taught in local language.

During my search I asked few my local friends and some suggested about NCCU as one of most reputed in Taiwan but they were not sure if MBA was in English. Then I happen to see your advertisement on about IMBA presentation last year. It mentioned about IMBA in english lanuguage.

I decided to join your presentation and after the presentation was over I had talks with Prof Samual and few IMBA students. It doesnt took me long to decide that this was the course I was looking for .

IMBA from NCCU has all the features of a leading bussiness school plus it has the flexebility in schedules that allows a working professinal like me to join the complete MBA with little adjustments.

After joining IMBA it has been a total new experience meeting student/exchange students from different countries , learning about their culture. Learning different views on same topic . Hearing world bussiness leaders in Leaders Forum. It has all being to highly educative.

I short I would like to say NCCU provides the world class facility to students and joining NCCU is a decision I am never going to regreat :). Looking forward to my next semester.

Thanks ,

Best Regards

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