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Re: IEE wants to hear you!

文章johnney » 2月 週四 01, 2007 4:47 pm


I first heard of NCCU in Prague from the consul of TECO, Mrs. Zoya Wang-Novakova. The think I hate the most is that there is not enough of English-taught classes in Business Administration Department. I am regular student of M.B.A. and some of the classes are taught in Chinese and also the book is in Chinese. There is no work around about that. Also the student information websites are in Chinese only. It is really taking the spirit out and is complicating life of students whose Chinese is only a little worse than native level! For me, even though I try my best to get around and to fix my Chinese, sometimes it is really depressing. Thus I am afraid, that I cannot recommend NCCU to other foreign students, despite the qualification of professors and very high level of the classes on BA, fully comparable with good European schools.

The thing I like the most is my classmates. Without them, I could not study at all. They are very helpful, making my studying here possible. Professors are well qualified and answer questions gladly (almost all of them) as well.

The academia itself is good, even very good. However, there are major flaws in the system, totally preventing NCCU from becoming a truly international university for the century that has just begun. It is even more sad, when I can see that the professors and students truly are good and their potential is wasted. I believe it is not so difficult to fix the system so that even my perception of this will change before I leave (hopefully) next summer.

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