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Re: IEE wants to hear you!

文章johnney » 2月 週四 01, 2007 4:51 pm

To whom this may concern:
I first heard of NCCU through the main page. My husband and I were
looking for good universities to study at in Taiwan. We had of course
heard of Taida and Shida, and we also applied there. I am presently in
the Master's in International Communication program, the only one of
it's kind in Taiwan, I think. Both Shida and Taida had nothing like
this and it really motivated me into applying.
I also heard about NCCU with all the ads on ICRT and I came to the
campus to learn more about the school, it's environment and people.
I choose NCCU because it is well known, the program seemed interesting,
it's not too far from Taipei city, but it is situated in the mountain
so the air is cleaner.
What I like the most at NCCU, a lot of things. I get along well with
classmates and I like my teachers. I also find there is a lot to do
and learn. I like the environment, the old and modern mixed together.
I like the many conferences and clubs, the libraries are great as well
as the databases.
The things I did not like; I had a bad experience at the Chinese
Center. It was difficult to receive appropriate information, I was
never authorized to speak to the Dean, so on and so forth. I really
like the people, especially Lichi at the IMBA office because she is
always there to help, with the right info. She has been of great help.
I find it's a shame that the part-time Chinese classes only started to
be offered now, when most of us already decided to either quit the
program (Chinese) or register to a different school that understood our
needs more.
I was also disappointed that my program didn't have a student
association to go to when we have problems with teachers or curriculum.
the IMBA program organizes a lot of activities for the students, but
none are organized for us...
Also, the program could have been better planned before carrying it out
as many classes are not actually offered and many students complained.
All in all I am going to recommend this Universities to others as I am
hopeful all the problems will be solved sooner then later!

Pascale Dangoisse

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