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Re: IEE wants to hear you!

文章johnney » 2月 週一 05, 2007 8:51 am

The first time i heard about NCCU was at the embassy at my country Nicaragua they offered me a scholarship to come to NCCU and it was great because I searched as much as I could about the university and the business department which I am part of. I am a freshmen and im currently studying business administration. It has been 6 months already and NCCU has become my home for this 1st year, i really feel like I have become part of the great NCCU family and although my chinese is not as great i still have plenty of time to progress and continue making friends who which I can experience so much with. What I love the most of NCCU i'd say is the way classes are managed, if you have a problem or any kind of inquiry all teachers will be egeered to help you with anything they can, not also the teachers but the classmates. What I love the most as corny as it sounds is the people, the way they could just give their hands to aid you in anything you can, that is something great for any foreigner coming to NCCU. Just imagine you once travel to central america where the weather is completely different, language you cannot understand, and culture far from your home. For me home lies within us and is those that help us create it one step at a time that become the friends for life. What i really dislike about NCCU is the inavailability of the male dormitory since it is so long from the main campus and now in vacations we have to walk a lot, the weather does not help as well. We just began to have a food court in the dormitory basement but it is closed most of the time and it only has 2 stores so far, very unconvenient. By far NCCU bypassed all my expectations and i have learned to love Taiwan through the eyes of NCCU, my home has become here and it will be so for 4 years.

-Rodolfo Lacayo

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